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Areas of Practice


Business Formation and Advising

Whether you are thinking of finally turning your hobby into a business, need to start planning for the next generation of your family to take over the helm, or are seeking advice on corporate governance best practices, Harrelson & Harrelson will help you tackle quick projects or join your team as your outside general counsel so that you can return your focus to your business.

From annual meetings to buy-sell agreements, we have answers.

REal Estate Transactions

If you are buying or selling your home, a rental unit, farm land, a business location, or serve on the board of a homeowners or neighborhood association, Harrelson & Harrelson provides full-service real estate advice and document preparation and can serve as the attorney for your homeowners or neighborhood association.

We also offer both lender's and owner's title insurance policies and related services through our wholly-owned affiliate, Midwest Ohio Title Agency.

family law

Family issues are always complicated and emotionally charged. Our attorneys will help you evaluate your options when it comes to dissolutions and divorce, parental and visitation rights, and support issues so that you are confident in the course of action you choose. We understand that sometimes the problem can quickly be addressed with a mediation and other times a divorce involving millions of dollars of business and real estate assets requires lawyers with experience in valuations, tax strategy, and corporate governance. In either scenario, we will work with you to plan your course and seek a resolution that allows you to move on to the next chapter in your life.

Business and Civil Litigation

Litigation should be avoided whenever possible. It's stressful, expensive, and takes time away from matters to you. But when all other options to resolve a dispute have been tried, Harrelson & Harrelson provides strategic, practical, and cost-conscious advice and representation to individuals, businesses, and non-profits on issues ranging from shareholder disputes between business owners to real estate disputes between neighbors.

When you need an advocate, we are there.

Non-Profit Organizations

Our area is exceptionally privileged to have a thriving and growing non-profit community that works hard to serve our fellow neighbors from all walks of life and provide cultural and civic enrichment. Harrelson & Harrelson serves as the outside general counsel for a number of community organizations and can assist your group obtain a 501(c)(3) designation, write new by-laws, submit documentation required by the Ohio Attorney General's office, or train your board members on avoiding conflicts of interest.

Zoning and Land Use

Our attorneys are well-versed in zoning and land use issues including years spent on local zoning review boards and as attorneys for local governments (both cities and villages). If you are looking to utilize your real estate to operate a small business, build a new addition or a separate building, or perhaps simply want to develop empty land that you own, our firm can help you make sense of the complicated zoning regulations and local ordinances that you need to know. We also represent clients in applications and hearings before local government boards and councils and also during the appeals process, if necessary. 

Estate Planning

Perhaps you have worked hard for decades to save for retirement, your children's college fund, that favorite vacation spot, or to benefit a charitable organization. Maybe you are just getting started in your career or thinking about a family someday. In either example or somewhere in between, Harrelson & Harrelson can help you plan for your future by identifying your goals and crafting a plan unique for you, your family, and your business to protect your investments with affordable and easily understandable estate planning.

Probate and Trust Administration

We understand that losing a family member is among the most emotional and stressful experiences in life. Our attorneys and probate paralegals will help you identify all your responsibilities, organize the various documents and paperwork, and file the required documents with insurance companies, government entities, or the courts. 

Our attorneys also serve as trustees, guardians, executors, and administrators upon request.


Our attorneys welcome referrals and co-counsel arrangements with other local firms who would like assistance authoring appellate briefs and representing their clients in oral arguments. Our attorneys have years of experience in appellate work and in oral advocacy. We leverage our paralegal team to help in synthesizing lengthy records and use leading technology and software to quickly search your record for key phrases, testimony, and exhibits that are relevant to your case. Please contact us to discuss your particular case and how we can assist your client.